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Reviews on FurWonder Fur Care Brush


You know how grooming your four-legged friend is important, both for its appearance and well-being, but it is also time-consuming. The electric fur brush from FurWonder promises you a quick coat care, which loosens matting and ensures a loose coat even with long-haired breeds. The brush is easy to use and is suitable for almost all dog breeds. Professionalism is the top priority here. But what experiences have our testers had?

First Impressions After Using the FurWonder Brush for the First Time

Hello Dear edogs Team,

I was really excited about the product and was really looking forward to it. It is the first product test that I ever did. When the FurWonder brush arrived, I admired the good workmanship and material while unpacking it. You can tell immediately that it is a top-quality German product. Besides the normal brush for the dog, I also had one for the horse.

The first try was a bit chaotic because I did not know exactly how to best apply the brush, but I quickly got the hang of it, thanks to the good instructions with pictures. My dog Jack was a bit suspicious at first, but quickly noticed that it was quite pleasant for him and I could brush him all over with it. Even on the stomach!

Since it has been changing his coat over the last few weeks, which can be very exhausting and, above all, for his breed (Bernese mountain dog) is very hairy, the FurWonder came to us at the right time. It was very useful when changing fur, as it removes loose fur quickly and easily, leaving hardly any loose hair or loose undercoat.

In addition, the coat is very silky and shiny, and it feels much better after than before the brushing. In summary, we can say that we are very pleasantly surprised and use it 2–3 times a week. Since then, the dog’s coat looks much healthier, and it hardly sheds any more.

Greetings from Patricia and Jack.


Conclusion After Eight Weeks of Testing

More than two months have now passed during which I, my dog Jack and my pony Günther were able to extensively test the electric brush “FurWonder”. Overall, we can first say that it took a bit of practice for us at first until we got the right knack for using the brush in the best possible way. Since my dog Jack, a Bernese mountain dog, has very wild and long fur, it was a bit tricky at the beginning.


But after a short period of getting used to it for him and me, it works perfectly and makes grooming much easier for us. Especially over the winter months because of the strong temperature fluctuations, we have had major problems with the dog over the last few years. But thanks to the FurWunder, we got through the coat change period very easily this year.

We currently use the brush 1–2 times a week, as required, for about 10 minutes. Which is enough for us because it is quick and easy to use. Then Jack’s fur is silky soft and shines as if it had just been bathed. In addition, and this is the most important effect for us, all loose fur is removed from him and he also loses significantly less hair in the days after the brushing. The brush also loosens tangles very well.

Overall, we can say that it is a very great product that we will be happy to continue using for dogs on a regular basis. The only drawback for us was the short cable. A one-hand wireless brush would be much easier to use, because the cable is a bit obstructive.

Now, let us talk about its use on the horse. First, you should know that my pony is very relaxed and that I can do it very well. Horses that are regularly sheared should not have a problem with the noise of the brush. I wanted to briefly address the cable problem, which made the use sometimes difficult on the horse. Without an extension cable, it would not work at all and you must be careful not to get the cable under your feet. Otherwise, my pony Günther and I were very satisfied with the brush. The brush cleans well, even after a mud bath in the paddock. In addition, I could observe that the horse enjoyed the brushing very much, and it seemed to be like a massage in certain parts of its body.

Our overall conclusion is great, we are all three very enthusiastic and have already convinced the rest of the family of the usefulness of the product. We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to test such a product.


Kind regards and a clear product recommendation from Jack, Günther and Patricia

First Impressions After Using the FurWonder Brush for the First Time


I have been breeding Tibetan Terriers for over 10 years, and my pack has grown over the years. Of course, the time spent on grooming did too. The tibi has a double-layered coat with top hair and undercoat, which dies and then gets stuck inside the top hair. The care is time-consuming and sometimes physically demanding. I am looking for a relief, because I want my dogs to be looked after despite their number and physical limitations.

I came across FurWonder by chance and applied for the test of the product—I was thrilled that we could try it. As a test, I ordered the soft/intensive brush and luckily also the medium one, as well as an accessory to connect to the vacuum cleaner.

At first, I was very sceptical whether it would all work the way it was supposed to with a longhair dog. First, I used the soft brush and quickly realised that it is simply too soft on tibis, where the undercoat also must be removed. I turned the brush to the more intense side; it was too rough and got stuck all the time. That is why I was happy to have the medium to test as well, because this is exactly the right one for the double-layered coat on the tibi. The top hair is combed through quickly and easily, with the undercoat it depends on the care status, but I was surprised that even small tangles were brushed out.

I find the vacuum cleaner connection extremely useful, as a lot of dirt and skin is whirled up when combing. However, I find it not always pleasant and also not ecologically sound to let a vacuum cleaner run on the side during a one-hour combing session—but after washing a dirty animal and just before drying it, brushing it with the brush with the vacuum cleaner certainly makes sense.

My conclusion after the first test: Great brush, easy cleaning, vacuum cleaner required. I see the disadvantage in size and weight, half the size and weight would be more pleasant.

Conclusion After Eight Weeks of Testing

Now more weeks have passed in which I could continue testing the FurWonder brush, and I am still as excited as at the beginning. All my dogs have got used to this strange thing for them and can be groomed with it. The top hair is combed through well without damage and the undercoat comes out well. It cannot keep up with strong tangles, but I already expected that.


Larger felt knots must be pulled up and carefully combed strand by strand. It is logical that no machine can do that. However, if you use the FurWonder regularly, there are no large tangles at all. With a little practice, handling is extremely easy, and combing is quicker. It is easy to clean; the material is well processed, and the beautiful long connection cable should also be emphasised, because not everyone has a socket directly on the combing table.

However, I would like to see a smaller model in the future, in some places (e.g. armpits) it sometimes becomes a bit difficult to use and after an hour of combing the brush becomes a bit heavy to move around. Otherwise, I am happy that I was allowed to test this great brush, and it made my grooming faster and easier.

Greetings from Lhahi-ma Rudel and Bärbel Korndorf

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