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These customers have given us feedback on our electric dog brush. Thank you to you all! Please send us an email if you would like to share your experience with FurWonder with others:

Ute R. from Kaltenkirchen

‘I got the brush today. And what can I say? I’m thrilled to bits. It’s the best invention since the light bulb :-). My standard poodles will be happy.’

Alexandra H. from Tegernsee

‘The new electric grooming brush isn’t heavy, and the rotatable handle means it sits wonderfully in your hand. Brushing time is significantly reduced. The brush makes the coat wonderfully airy, which my Donna loves. It’s a great invention.’

Rosemarie K. from Calp

‘The FurWonder electric grooming brush keeps its promises. Our dog is very relaxed and enjoys being brushed. While you do have to get used to the brush to start with, I soon got the hang of how to use it in the best possible way. Cleaning isn’t a problem either.’

Konstantin G. from Stuttgart

‘We took part in a demonstration a week ago. It’s amazing how easy it is. We then had the chance to try the brush out on our bearded collie ourselves. The colours are so cool. We ordered the FurWonder in mint straight away.’

Eva K. from Ostrach

‘Our Tibetan’s coat is always challenging when it comes to combing. But the FurWonder makes it really fun, because you see the success and the wonderfully loose, silky-shining coat instantly. The brush thins out the undercoat in a wonderful way and even detangles stubborn matted knots.’

Gisela from Waiblingen

Tiffany, our Havanese, tends to end up with matted fur, but we’ve easily removed all the knots with the new FurWonder. It’s a different way of brushing, but you soon get used to it. The device is extremely light and practical.’

Herbert F. from Hemer

‘My poodle had to be brushed every day, but we’re down to two sessions a week with the FurWonder. It’s simply superb.’

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