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In the months that followed, we put the brush through its paces. We took it to dog grooming salons and brushed a lot of breeds of dogs ourselves – from Australian Shepherds and Collies, to Bernese Mountain Dogs and Havanese. It was while doing this that I realised just how strongly I feel about having personal contact with dog owners. Why? Because every coat has its own care requirements, which can be met with the FurWonder’s different brush cartridges.

We were particularly pleased that we could help dog owners solve their specific dog grooming problems, one example of this being that the FurWonder enabled dog owners with osteoarthritis or partial paralysis in their hands to brush their dogs independently again.
Feeling bolstered by these excellent experiences, we then made a bold move by attending our first dog shows in 2019, and your positive feedback has confirmed our belief that we’re on the right track.

The FurWonder’s manufacturing operations will remain based in a precision mechanics plant near Dresden so we can continue to guarantee consistently high quality.
We’re looking forward to see what 2020 has in store. It’s sure to be an exciting year!


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