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FurWonder VIDEOS

Coat care for dog breeds with the FurWonder electric grooming brush:

Whether you’ve got a Tibetan terrier, golden retriever, Havanese, bobtail, collie or poodle, the FurWonder electric brush makes dogs feel comfortable in their coat. It ends up well-aired, loose and silky with minimal effort. You’ll no longer need to shave your pet if their fur ends up matted! You can order the FurWonder in our online shop:

This is how the FurWonder works:

In this video, we’ll show you how to use the electric grooming brush and how brushing is beneficial for your dog.

Coat care with the FurWonder – before and after:

The electric dog brush is easy to use and the effort involved in grooming your pet is significantly reduced. Their coat is looser and more beautiful than ever. FurWonder comes with three different bristle cartridges depending on the area of use. See more here:

Before and after:

Scope of delivery for the FurWonder electric grooming brush:

See what’s included in the FurWonder basic package in this video. You can order the grooming brush and accessories here:

Cleaning the FurWonder is easy and neat:

Cleaning the FurWonder is easy and neat:

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