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Discover the electric dog brush now!

Remove excess undercoat easily with the FurWonder dog fur brush

Who has a fur nose at home, knows the problems with removing the undercoat.


As much as we love everything about the pet, starting with the stormy greeting when we have left the house only for 10 minutes; or its proximity when the day is not going well ….


…. we can certainly all do without the undercoat distributed on the floor. But only through regular coat care can the excess undercoat be removed. It is best to use the FurWonder electric fur brush. It removes the undercoat in short time and allows the animal’s skin to breathe better.

But why do dogs have undercoat at all?


A distinction is made between the top coat and the undercoat (wool hair). The undercoat serves – in contrast to the topcoat – for warming in the colder months. Most dogs change their fur in spring and autumn.


Especially in spring, much superfluous undercoat dies off. It protected the dog from the cold in winter, but is not needed in the warm months. Within a breed there are dogs with different amounts of undercoat. But not all dogs have undercoat.


Outer hairs are stronger than undercoat and do not grow as densely. The top coat protects mainly against rain, heat and injures. They grow all year round, die off and grow back. That is why many dogs have more or less strong hair all year round.


By regular brushing you can remove a large part of the dog’s undercoat.

Why should you brush your dog all year round?


The wool hairs that make up the undercoat are much finer than the topcoat. They do not grow evenly all over the body and are often so thick that the skin cannot breathe properly. Therefore, you should brush your dog all year round. It is especially important in spring, because otherwise the dead undercoat gets caught in the coat and becomes matted.


The dog’s skin doesn’t gets enough air, which can lead to inflammation, itching and hotspots. Apart from that, bacteria decompose the dead hair and the coat smells quite strong with time.


Depending on the breed, brushing out the undercoat may be necessary daily and take a lot of strength and time. For dogs with a lot of undercoat, we have therefore developed a brush cassette which, depending on how it is inserted into the brush body, convinces with two brushing functions of different strength: it is our S/I brush (soft / intensive brush).


Brushing your dog every day ensures good circulation, loosens tangles and removes undercoat. The FurWonder electric fur brush makes this procedure much easier.

Relaxing advantages with FurWonder

Every dog enjoys the attention of its owner. Especially when it comes to grooming, it shows how well you know your dog’s needs. Besides sufficient food and exercise, brushing is an important part of the relationship between dog and owner.


During this intensive period of fur care, the skin circulation is stimulated by a light massage function and the dog is given relaxation. In addition, old skin particles and old undercoat are removed. The hair can shine silky again.


With conventional hand brushes the coat is indeed groomed, but often annoying tweaking is the case. This disturbs the daily brushing ritual and leads to unnecessary interruptions. With the FurWonder electric fur brush, which was designed for different fur structures, fur care is fun for both humans and animals.


FurWonder for thorough undercoat removal


The electrically operated FurWonder fur brush provides beautiful fur, which is freed from excess undercoat and thinned out. The handy model is easy to use and makes the daily grooming of your dog more fun.


With the electric dog fur brush you have less physical exertion and protect your joints. That’s why the FurWonder is also perfectly suited for people who are limited by arthritis. Regular use makes flying hair and skin particles a thing of the past.

If your dog’s fur already has strong knots due to too much undercoat, it is difficult to care for it with a conventional handbrush. With the FurWonder electric fur brush, however, the tangles can be loosened more gently.


The FurWonder has been developed to gently thin out or remove undercoat in the fur. It is suitable for daily use and is especially gentle. Even stubborn tangles are loosened. With the FurWonder electric fur brush and three different brush cassettes there is a device for almost all fur types and purposes.


Felt removal, brushing, thinning of the undercoat, brushing out dirt particles and gentle massage: the FurWonder is the best coat grooming brush for dogs for many purposes. FurWonder brushes with nylon bristles are especially suitable for young dogs that should get used to brushing. They feel very pleasant with their noticeable massage effect.


Wire bristles, on the other hand, are more likely to thin out the undercoat in the best possible way, brush the fur and remove tangles. The FurWonder electric fur brush with a wire bristle cartridge is available in the following strengths: Soft / Intensive and Medium.


Brushing your dog with a hand brush everyday leaves behind flying hair and skin particles that need to be absorbed or wiped away later. The FurWonder, on the other hand offers the practical possibility to connect the electric fur brush to a vacuum cleaner. This way, brushed off hair is immediately vacuumed up.

The consequences if undercoat is not removed regularly

Especially in spring, when the dead undercoat covers the whole body, the skin can breathe less easily. It comes without fur care to matting, that can be solved only laboriously later. In addition, some dog breeds react with itching and inflammations, if too much superfluous undercoat covers its body and the air supply is hindered through it.


Bacteria decompose the undercoat in a natural process. If this wool is not removed by brushing, the dead hair remains longer on the body the decomposition attracts attention with unappetizing odors. You cannot solve this problem by washing.


Due to the evenly running brush band and the flexible wire bristles you cannot hurt your dog with the FurWonder, reduce chewing and prevent problems. If the brush gets caught in knots, the safety electronics will immediately switch off the motor and you can start the knotting again.

Loose airy hair for dogs instead of shaving

There is still the opinion, especially in summer, to help the dog to more well-being by shaving. But the opposite is often the case. Because top coat and undercoat are a coordinated system.


Automatic stop in the event of resistance


Flexible bristles

prevent injuries


Interchangeable brush cartridges

with soft, intense and massage settings


The top coat protects against rain, injures from thorns and undergrowth and reflects the sun. The undercoat keeps the dog warm in cool temperatures. With a shave you remove the top coat and thus the protective function for the dog.


In addition, the production of the undercoat is stimulated again, quite contrary to the actually desired result. Both are effects the can be avoided by using an electric fur brush. With the FurWonder, the undercoat is perfectly thinned out and your dog feels perfectly comfortable even in midsummer.


The FurWonder dog brush is pleasant and easy to use. The device weighs just 820 grams including the cartridge. It measures 20 cm × 11 cm × 15 cm (L × W × H) and the cable is three metres long. The operating voltage is 15 V / 1.2 A.



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