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FurWonder - The electric fur brush


Whether your animal is small or large, has short, long, thick or curly hair - the FurWonder The electric fur brush ensures a quick and stress-free brushing, and a massage is automatically included. Our CITY DOG testers wanted to verify exactly that and got involved in grooming.

The basic device is equipped with a motor and a brush cassette. There are different brush systems depending on the type of fur. The nylon brush is ideal for short-haired breeds, while the wire-trimmed ones are best for medium- and long-haired dogs. There are two versions: Medium for four-legged friends with little or no undercoat, and the Soft/Intensive one for those with more undercoat. The evenly running brush belt prevents pulling and the emergency stop feature prevents injuries. If you want to work even more efficiently, you can connect the FurWonder to the vacuum cleaner. Dead skin particles are removed even better and, like hairs flying around, sucked off.

Easy Handling - The electric fur brush

The advantages of our patented dog brush are obvious: your four-legged friend can enjoy brushing again, the simultaneous massage offers a maximum of wellbeing, and every pet owner can take care of their beloved pet quickly and easily.

And This Is What Our Testers Say


Stefanie R. and dachshund Guardian from Uelzen


Guardian has wiry fur of different lengths. Not only does it need to be brushed, he needs to be trimmed regularly. Because of its “perm” on his back, it is difficult to find a suitable trimming tool that can capture both short and long hair. My dachshund also has back and joint problems, and brushing is often a painful ordeal for him. So, we really wanted to try the FurWonder. It was easy to set up. The nylon brush could be a little smaller for Guardian’s size. But with that I could easily thin out the fur on his back. The massage brush was the most comfortable for him, and with it I was able to get a lot of dirt out of the fur.

Daniela W. and mixed breed Naala from Lüneburg


Naala is a Collie-Shepherd mix with long, silky fur. It has to be brushed daily; otherwise, it will quickly become matted. Her long “pants” on her hind legs are particularly problematic, since she drags everything that lies around in the forest. Unfortunately, patience is not her forte, so I’m looking for a tool that will make our work easier. The FurWonder is a great help here. Its middle brush fits perfectly and the stop feature is great in case the hair has become tangled. It is easy to use and comfortable for Naala. With the manual brush I used before, it often pulled. That is not the case with this brush. I use it to pull out a lot of old hair and dirt from the thick fur of her pants. Twice a week there is another massage with the nylon brush. My dog enjoys that very much.

Yvonne B. and briard Rudi from Hamburg


My three-year-old Rudi is really energetic, so sitting still is very difficult for him. But since he has a very long, typically stringy coat and a light undercoat, I have to work him at least three times a week, which is a genuine test of patience for him and it does not make it easy for me. His very dense hair easily becomes entangled and this breed can easily develop skin problems if care is neglected. I was excited to try the FurWonder and I am totally thrilled. First of all, the speed, once you have got used to the device, brushing is much faster. The wire brush pulls out the excess fur without pulling. Thanks to the electronic drive, I hardly have to use any force, which is extremely relaxing with a dog as big as Rudi. The FurWonder ensures that the skin is well ventilated and removes dead skin particles.

FurWonder Features:


  • Variable drive adjustment

  • Automatic stop when there is resistance

  • Interchangeable brush cassettes in the following strengths: soft, intensive and massage

  • Flexible bristles to prevent injuries

  • Even-running engine

  • Power connection 230 volts

  • Vacuum cleaner adapter

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