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Discover the electric dog brush now!

Brush for long-haired dogs - for loose and shiny hair

Afghan, Australian Shepherd, Collie or Bernese Mountain Dog - our brush is suitable for all long-haired dog breeds to give them special care. Without daily brushing and untangling of the long top coat, the coat of the four-legged friend quickly becomes matted. The matting does not only occur during the coat change and can lead to inflammation of the skin and itching.
Daily brushing is recommended to prevent the dog's coat from becoming an environment for infections caused by bacteria or dirt. The coat is thereby freed from excess undercoat, tangles are removed and the skin gets air to breathe again.
Depending on the season, the outside air is sometimes more or less humid. Especially in a long-haired coat, this moisture collects. With regular brushing and thinning of the undercoat, matting, which absorbs more moisture, has no chance.
Sensitive skin is also hidden under a long-haired coat. With the FurWonder brush, you can complete your coat care pleasantly and gently. Our brush is ideal for a regular and light routine. Blood circulation is stimulated during brushing, tangles are gently loosened and undercoat is removed at the same time.

Stress-free brushing of long-haired dogs

Use the FurWonder brush so that grooming your long-haired dog does not turn into stress. Gently remove excess undercoat from the coat. The undercoat is used for warmth during the colder months and should be brushed regularly to prevent matting of the top coat.

Matted coats can lead to accumulation of moisture and provide an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Bad odours in the coat, for example, are a sign of increased bacterial growth. Without annoying pulling, the FurWonder brush for long-haired dogs removes even heavy matting.

Dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors need to be freed from dirt caused by sand or dust. This is not only good for the appearance, but also prevents larger accumulations of dirt in the long-haired coat. With the FurWonder brush, you ensure a maximum feel-good effect for the dog in one step and gently remove everything that leads to poor skin ventilation.


Gentle massage effect through FurWonder


Delight your dog with a regular massage with the FurWonder brush. Massages contribute to a stronger bond between pet and owner and create a little relaxation even in stressful times. Always pay attention to your dog's needs. He will thank you with affection.

If your dog’s fur already has strong knots due to too much undercoat, it is difficult to care for it with a conventional handbrush. With the FurWonder electric fur brush, however, the tangles can be loosened more gently.


Thorough dog coat care without effort


Especially for large dogs with a lot of undercoat, brushing can be energy-sapping. You need a lot of strength to thoroughly remove dirt and excess undercoat from the coat.

With the FurWonder electric coat brush, you can achieve excellent results in grooming without straining your joints. Within a very short time, you can create a loose and shiny coat that you and your dog will enjoy for a long time.

Electric fur brush FurWonder with many functions

Purchase the FurWonder coat brush to make grooming your long-haired dog easier. With the electric dog brush, you can gently remove the undercoat, your four-legged friend enjoys a circulation-promoting massage, stubborn tangles are loosened and do not arise in the first place with regular use.


Three different brush cassettes are available for you to choose from depending on the coat structure as well as the current grooming condition: two with wire bristles and one with nylon bristles. Our Soft/Intensive brush cassette is particularly suitable for long-haired dogs with a lot of undercoat.


Our brush cassette M was developed especially for dogs without or with little undercoat. Here, the focus is on brushing and combing and with our nylon brush cassette you can rid your dog of dirt and give him a relaxing massage.


Automatic stop in the event of resistance


Flexible bristles

prevent injuries


Interchangeable brush cartridges

with soft, intense and massage settings


Vacuum Cleaner Brush for Dogs with Long Fur


If your dog is not afraid of vacuum cleaner, you can connect the FurWonder brush to a vacuum cleaner. This way, undercoat, dirt and skin particles disappear directly while brushing in the hoover.

You can also order a vacuum cleaner adapter set from us. It consists of a two-metre hose and different adapters. If you connect the hose to your vacuum cleaner, you can place the vacuum cleaner 3-4 metres away from your pet.



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