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About us

Dog owners know just how important grooming is for their dog’s appearance and well-being. Our new electric FurWonder grooming brush provides you with professional coat care support, considerably cuts the time you spend brushing your pet, eliminates even severe matting and thus ensures a wonderfully silky and loose coat even in long-haired breeds. The fact that it is easy to operate makes it great for home use and suitable for many breeds, too.

We were inspired by our dogs. Since they are Tibetan terriers and have a very dense undercoat and a long top coat, we spent a long time looking for a functional brush. Our aim was to make caring for their coats as pleasant and quick a process for the dogs as possible. They should have a well-groomed coat and feel at ease. Especially with long-haired breeds, coat care is a long, unpleasant process for the dogs, depending on how dirty and matted their fur is. And, naturally, the dogs aren’t all that keen on being brushed. Since we couldn’t find what we were looking for on the market, we took matters into our own hands to come up with a solution to this problem. For a grooming brush which is solid and easy to manage, we tasked experienced engineers with developing the FurWonder. They worked together with selected dog grooming studios and dog owners throughout the development process.

The end result is a new kind of electric grooming brush that can be inserted into the different brush cartridges, which are adapted to providing optimum care for the respective breeds. The brushing result is fantastic, even with high-maintenance breeds such as Tibetan terriers, bearded collies, Australian Shepherds, Havaneses and poodles, and we managed to cut the maintenance effort considerably. To guarantee a consistently high level of quality, the FurWonder is produced in a precision mechanics plant in Bautzen. Most of our operations involve traditional manual work. When you buy a FurWonder, you can rest assured you’re getting solid engineering from Germany. Our dogs love the FurWonder, because they don’t have to wait for long until they can play, go walkies and caper around again.